Guidelines for Oral Presentation

12 minutes + 3 minutes for questions

Instructions for PowerPoint presentations

Make sure your text is large enough
•    use a minimum font size of 26 point for general text.
•    use a minimum font size of 32 point for headings.

Spell check:
Keep consistency throughout in titles and headers/footers. Use appropriate sized graphs, charts, and images for illustrations. 

Limit the number of slides
•    as a rule of thumb, text slides takes 2-3 minutes, image slides take 15-30 seconds.
•    no generic introduction about arsenic worldwide distribution and toxicity to human health is necessary. The conference is dedicated entirely to arsenic and all participants are well aware about that. Focus on your research questions, results and conclusions. 

Select colors with high contrast
•    pick colors with a high contrast so your text and graphics can be easily seen (e.g. black on white, or white on black).
•    avoid red/blue and red/green combinations as some people might be color blind.
•    avoid colors that are glaring and strain the audience’s eyes.