Congress Topics

The Congress will address the broader context of arsenic research along the following themes (but not only be restricted) to the following themes:
Theme 1: Arsenic in environmental matrices and interactions (Air, water, soil and biological matrices)
1.01: Origin, distribution of arsenic in groundwater, transport and fate in aquifers

1.02: Biogeochemical processes and speciation

1.03: Arsenic speciation and mobility from mine waste and tailings

1.04: Arsenic in contaminated soils and sediments

1.05: Climate change impacts and coupling with mobility of arsenic in water and soil environments

1.06: Arsenic and other trace elements in Swedish /Fennoscandinavian groundwater

1.07: Arsenic in airborne particulates from natural and anthropogenic sources

1.08:  Analytical advancements and challenges in measuring and monitoring of arsenic in solid and aqueous media

1.09: Synchrotron applications and innovative research on arsenic in natural systems

1.10: Bio-sensors in monitoring applications

Theme 2: Arsenic in food chain
2.01: Transfer from environmental matrices (water, air, soil)

2.02: Bioavailability

2.03: Arsenic in Rice

2.04: Marine species

2.05: Speciation and toxicity of arsenic in food chain

2.06: Arsenic in processed food and beverages

2.07: Analytical challenges

Theme 3: Arsenic and health
3.01: Epidemiology

3.02: Indicators of exposure – Biomarkers

3.03: Arsenic and genomic studies

3.04: Risk assessment of chronic ingestion

3.05: Multi metal synergies in chronic exposure cases

Theme 4: Clean Water Technology for Control of Arsenic
4.01: Technologies based on adsorption and co-precipitation

4.02: Ion exchange and membrane technologies

4.03: Nanotechnology applications in arsenic treatment

4.04: Innovative technologies and advancements

Theme 5: Societal issues, Policy Studies, Mitigation and Management
5.01: Societal implications of long term exposure

5.02: Policy implications

5.03: Risk assessments and remediation of contaminated land and water environments – Case     studies

5.04: Mitigation and Management

5.05: Drinking Water Compliance with Water Safety Plan

5.06: Arsenic in drinking water and the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals